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Work package 3 of the PORTAL project "Defining User Requirements for Institutional Portals" aims to provide consultation with stakeholders regarding their needs and a literature review of the outputs of portal projects in the UK and overseas. Three deliverables have been developed as part of WP3.

Deliverable 1: Literature Review. The literature review 'Institutional Portals: A Review of Outputs' is available at www.fair-portal.hull.ac.uk/downloads/iportaloutputs.pdf

As part of the literature review a table of portal functionality has been developed. The table provides a view of the functionality included in institutional portals at a selection of sites both in the UK and overseas. The table will be updated throughout the course of the project. The table can be accessed  - as an Excel spreadsheet - at www.fair-portal.hull.ac.uk/downloads/PortalFunction.xls.

Deliverable 2: Online Survey. As part of the research conducted for the report "Stakeholder Requirements for Institutional Portals" an online survey was developed. The success of the survey, and the interest in its results, have led to the survey remaining live. The portal survey can be accessed via the link on the menu bar or by following the link to www.learndev.hull.ac.uk/portal_survey/

Deliverable 3: Report. The report "Stakeholder Requirements for Institutional Portals" involved consultation with over 600 stakeholders. Stakeholders ranged from HE and FE students, administrators and teaching staff to support service managers and representatives of the Joint Information Systems Committee.

The full report can be accessed at

The executive summary can be accessed as a pdf document at
www.fair-portal.hull.ac.uk/downloads/ExecSummary.pdf or via the WP3 Executive Summary page.

The report's conclusions can be accessed as a pdf document at
www.fair-portal.hull.ac.uk/downloads/Conclusions.pdf  or via the WP3 Conclusions page.

Survey results for catagories of various of participant can be accessed - as Excel spreadsheets - at www.fair-portal.hull.ac.uk/downloads/SurveyResults.xls.

Appendix A - The text of the online survey.
Appendix B - The MS Powerpoint presentations deliverable at focus group sessions for staff and focus group sessions for students.
Appendix C - The interview guide headings.



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